Unbearable Lightness

2018 Performance

Sculpture materials: cement, resin, found objects, human cuticle.

A man who lives in Manchuria, is stepping into an abandoned stadium built by a warlord in last century.

A man who is pondering the land as a living/dying organ, will be amazed by following aging elements of the land: the cracked roads, peeling bricks, animal bones, burned household, and plants growing with the ruin.

A man who worships metabolites, was associating the waste of this historical legacy to those human cuticles scrubbed down in Manchuria bathhouses.

A man who is driven by this ecstasy, have collected  the metabolites of the habitat and the habitant, and consolidated them into shapes.

A man who kneels done as ( orz ), embraces the light weight entities with his back and waist, on this land.

A man, without name, havs to contribute to the kickback of invisibles.
I want to reveal the impermanent relationship between habitant and the habitat.