‘Paternal Potion’ (2022)

‘Paternal Potion’ (2022)


Artist’s ID card coated with father’s
antibiotic ointment for sports injury

75 x 57 x 1 mm

A story behind:
My father was an athlete who retired because he fractured his ligament in a soccer game. He was troubled by such injury for many years and eventually became a self-taught physiotherapist. When I first twisted my ankle and could not find medical help in pandemic, my father started sending me different kind of treatment for sports injuries. So far, they have healed me for many times:))

The reason I choose my ID card to be taken care by his ointment is, when I think of parental guidance, I think about who I am, which is the direct result of such guidance.


The work was shown and documented in the exhibition Parental Guidance at @setsetsetsetsetset

Parental Guidance: ‘a group show of works made with/for/about parents, curated by @egk.ing and @rorybeard at @setsetsetsetsetset Lewisham(a former Mothercare store), opened on Father's Day, Sunday 19th June from 6-9pm.