‘Martial-Kitsch Art V’ (2022)

‘Martial-Kitsch Art V’ (2022)


Digital print on fabric, machine embroidery, stuffing, leather belts.

36 x 36 x 190 cm

The work was shown in the exhibition Scene from Here at @southkiosk

Thanks to the amazing team at @southkiosk+ @kitmapper for providing the great space and commission for the works, and all the lovely people who participated and visited the show

Images description:
I wrapped a my duvet around a pillar in the middle of the south kiosk gallery and fixed it with two belts on two ends.
On the duvet, there are printed patterns consistent with the previous Martial-Kitsch Art series and an embroidered sentence ‘Did you get any of that?’ (The font of the letter is from collaboration with @lalapuffs)