Closed Governance

2018 installation

There is a  market near my home which was originally a transportation hub before. After the street was occupied by vegetable vendors, the government took various measures to maintain the function of traffic and market in this area. Apart from the road markings on the ground, arrays of trash bins were used to divide the trading area and the driving area. One day, when I was buying supplies, I found that the vernacular development of the city matched with the governmental inhibition created a chaotic but reasonable scene.

In the subsequent trip and investigation in Japanese cities, I found the chaos caused by excessive overlapped boundaries in china is problematic.

In my works, I brought the aggregation of boundaries to the improperly repaired roads and the marked parking lots covered by vegetation. I wish to create a presentation of spatial disorder. If the original pure space is under people’s endless restriction and planning, will the space be eventually invalidated due to our effective division?